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NRG Comics is proud to announce a new Web Comic Series in the works: "LIMITLESS".
Read here for more info:…
NRG COMICS™ now has an Instagram site! We will using it to post characters from this site, and our founder's first Deviant Art site, in hopes to expand and grow our audience and business. NOTE: character not shown on this site WILL eventually be posted here, once our audience is big enough. Until then, Enjoy!
Upbringing: DC Dynamo
Continuing with kicking Upbringing into High Gear, this time we thought we'd introduce on of the Omega Knights, and their most important member!

Meet DC Dynamo, American Patriot, Legendary Hero, and Leader of the Omega Knights.

Quick Bio:

In a world of Superheroes, there is no hero greater than DC Dynamo. DC Dynamo is leader of the world's greatest superhero team, the Omega Knights and is the arch-enemy of Lord Wrath.

Born Sam Smith in America, 1760, DC Dynamo was a patriot and minute man who fought in the Revolutionary War. On a night when he was stationed to Guard the Founding Fathers during one of their many meetings, he and the soldiers were ambushed by British Spies. Mortally wounded, out of nowhere a meteor feel from the sky and crash a few feet away from him. Sam was bath in cosmic kinetic energy rays and given superpowers, which he used to fend off the remaining soldiers. The Founding Fathers then used him as the ultimate soldier to win the war and freedom for the United States.

Since then, Sam Smith has gone on to hold many roles in his life due to the kinetic energies in him granting him immortality He has fought in the help found many new states in the US, become a humanitarian during the Great Depression, and going on to be a founding member of many superhero teams, from the Golden Age team of World War II to the more recent hero team, the Omega Knights.

In recent years, DC Dynamo has been able to keep his long-time rival, Lord Wrath, from succeeding in his plans of taking over the world. DC Dynamo is unaware that Lord Wrath has taken on an apprentice time to his evil empire. However, certain situation involving Ronnie Miller's training have gotten DC Dynamo noticing the teenager at certain times they have fought the Dark Ones. He's not sure that this is a coincidence or not, but his gut is telling him the latter.


-Body is a generator of Kinetic Energy which grants him Superhuman Strength, Speed, Flight, Invulnerability, Energy Absorption, and the ability to Channel Kinetic Energy into Concussive Blasts.

-Years of experience and wisdom as a hero, which he offers to those new to the superhero game

-Leader of the Omega Knights with tabs on almost every superhero in Titan City and the World

-Arch-Enemy to Lord Wrath, sworn to bring his evil empire to an end.

Fun Facts:

•Due to his name and grey hair, it is often assumed that DC Dynamo was the inspiration for the American Icon, Uncle Sam.

•DC Dynamo didn't adopt his superhero name until WWII when he was leader of the Golden Age Superhero Team, the Golden Patriots. He chose the name to honor America's Capital, Washington D.C.

•Due the kinetic energy in his body, DC Dynamo doesn't age. While it looks like he is aging, it more has to due with his mind being burden with living for so many years. When he is feeling rejuvenated, he looks much younger.

• DC Dynamo was once married, however he outlived his wife. Many ask if they had a child together, but it was later reveal that his wife could not conceive.

•One of DC Dynamo's contributions to the world of heroes is opening up an academy for young heroes in Titan City, where new heroes are tutored and taught everything they need to know about fighting the Dark Ones.

So, first superhero of the Upbringing universe and first Omega Knight as well! DC Dynamo is the ultimate superhero in Ronnie's World, and will go on to play a major role later on in the story.

For his design, I wanted to go with a classic patriotic superhero look, but the idea for DC Dynamo was easier than coming to with a look. Eventually, through much research of many other heroes, I was able come up with an look I was proud of.

Sam Smith aka DC Dynamo is © of NRG Comics!
Upbringing: Lana Valentine
EXCITING NEWS! Things are starting to move forward with NGR Comics, so we're kicking it into high gear to introduce more characters fro the upcoming web comic!

This next one is neither superhero or supervillain, but serves an important role in the story!

Meet Lana Valentine, Ronnie's life long childhood friend and secret crush!

Quick Bio:

Lana Valentine is Ronnie Miller's life long, childhood friend. The two met in Titan City kindergarten and were instantly close with one another. From an early age, Lana has always been the stronger one in the friendship, as she would often stand up for Ronnie whenever someone was putting him down. They always hung out together, and eventually Ronnie developed a crush on her that she's not fully aware of.

Unfortunately, things for their friendship took a bit of a worse turn following middle school. Lana matured at an appropriate time and her social life grew in school. She had become president of Debate Club, Captain of the Girls' Soccer Team, Editor of the Year Book and number one on the Honor's Society. All these extracurricular activities were increasing her popularity and social life, meanwhile Ronnie was slowly becoming the school outcast due to his weak demeanor and constant targeting for bullies. As a result both kids found it harder and harder to spend time with each other. Lana doesn't want their friendship to end, however, and is constantly trying to find time for Ronnie. She still helps Ronnie deal with the High School bully, Frank Parker, by always notifying teachers or the principle of Frank's abuse; even standing up to Frank herself sometimes. Lana is also aware of Ronnie's relationship with his father, and she believes Ronnie has the potential to stand up for himself and be a good person in the eyes of both his parents.

When Ronnie began his apprenticeship with Lord Wrath and the Dark Ones, Ronnie never told Lana about it for fear of her safety. But Lana isn't completely fooled. She's noticing things: Ronnie is covered in more bruises and sores(due to his combat training), he's tired and bitter towards the world, and above all else she notices Ronnie trying to push her away.

Lana now hopes to find out what's going on in Ronnie's life in anyway she can. As of now, she is not a complete threat to the Dark Ones. HOWEVER, Lana does have strong dark feelings towards super villains and those who break the law. This is the reason she wants to go to law school, become District Attorney for Titan City, and put Lord Wrath and his Dark Ones behind prison bars for life. Due to this, she is on the Dark One's "Watch List", a list of citizens secretly observed by the Dark Ones to determine threat levels to the future of the Dark Ones.


-Strong and Independent

-Natural athletic abilities due to years of playing soccer.

-Book Smart and Street Smart, is on Honor Roll at School and is able to offer words of comfort and wisdom at right times.

-Remains one of the few people who understand the difficulties in Ronnie's Life.

Fun Facts:

•Lana's most valued possession is her heart-pendant(shown in the picture). It was made for her by Ronnie during arts and crafts in kindergarten as a sign of friendship. She always wears it to show Ronnie they are still friends.

•Lana has a fascination with mermaids. Her room is full of dolls, pictures, posters and other memorabilia that tributes to mermaids.

•Lana's desire to be a criminal lawyer started when she was 8. Her favorite uncle was killed in a crossfire between a turf war of mobsters and Dark Ones soldiers, and neither party was able to be put away. Since then, Lana has sworn on her uncle's life to deliver justice to supervillains and criminals like the Dark Ones.

•Lana has a secret crush on the Omega Knights' own Laser Lad. This crush developed when the hero was just a sidekick before he took over the mantle for his deceased mentor.

•Lana's favorite pop stars are Patty Karrie, Lady DoDa, and Tania Rush.

This is the first character I'm introducing that is not related to the Omega Knights or the Dark Ones, but is one of the main supporting cast of the story. Lana plays an important role as one of the only few - maybe only - friends that Ronnie. Has Many events involving her will put Ronnie is situations to test his morality and decisions. She's also Ronnie's love interest.

For her Look, I went with a typical High School Popular Girl motive. Her style is more about comfort than fashion, but she does try to look good. Didn't want to go too long on the hair, but I wanted it long enough to make her look popular!

Upbringing is © of NRG Comics


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