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Limitless: Doctor Agni
First villain for the new series of Limitless.

Meet Cooper Lee, aka Doctor Agni. A pyrokinetic, somewhat sympathetic reoccurring villain to Skynaut.

Quick Bio: If Skynaut is the first, real superhero of his world, then Doctor Agni is arguably the first, real villain. Born Cooper Lee, Cooper had the ability to control fire since as long as he can remember. But unlike those depicted in fiction, Cooper was not granted a fireproof or extreme temperature-proof body, a problem that earned him his first burn when he was only 5 years old. Because of this incident, Cooper's parents forced him to hide his abilities from the world. However, as Cooper grew he yearned to learn more about his abilities and began sneaking off in the middle of many nights to practice with them. He learned he could control, manipulate and expand the flames of fire, but he could not create it; instead having to take it from an outside source. In college, Cooper met a beautiful woman named Eve and fell in love. After graduation he and Eve became partners in a Washington D.C. Laboratory as chemist. They were happy as can be, but Cooper had to deal with a middle-aged superior who was obsessed with winning Eve over himself. On their 5th anniversary together, Cooper decided to share his greatest secret with Eve and began manipulating fire from a Bunsenburner in their lab. Eve was captivated by Cooper's abilities.

What happened next went so fast: all Cooper remembered seeing was a figure leaving the lab, and then their was a massive explosion. When he woke up, Cooper was in a secret government facility in intensive care. The people in charge told him that his fire abilities had caused the gas tanks in the lab to explode, which resulted in the death of Eve and 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over Cooper's body. The government told him he was to be imprisoned for the death of Eve and for endangering so many lives by "playing with fire". Cooper believed it was his superior that caused the explosion, but there was no proof of this, so he was left to rot in prison.

For years he sat only, in the dark, left to be forgotten, and slowly growing disdainful with the world. In present time, he managed to gather some supplies to make a makeshift fire start and use the flames to break out of the prison, burning everyone to death. Determined to get his revenge on his supervisor and the world for his turmoil, Cooper Lee adopted a new identity of "Doctor Agni". His first goal: steal enough money for a skin graft treatment to cure his burned scars. He made his way to Brooktown and began robbing banks. There, he met a fowl with Skynaut. He overpowered the young hero, but in the end was forced to retreat. He's been Skynaut's most reoccurring enemy since.

•Pyrokinesis: Able to control and manipulate fire
•Educated Doctor and Scientist, notable in chemistry
•Wears Flame-retardent suit and carries Flares to create fire.
•Bitter and Quick Tempered, Hurting inside.

BEHOLD!! Skynaut's arch-nemesis!

This one was really fun to do. Doctor Agni is a clear representation of what Limitless is about: superhero tropes and limits to having 1 power. In Doctor Agni's case, his Pyrokinesis allows him to melt things and attack people, but he has no protection from burns or intense heat. He also cannot create fire out of nothing. Doctor Agni shows that you can have a cool power but none of the assumed perks. This is why he must wear a fire proof suit and carry flares to get a source for his powers.

Doctor Agni is what you call a "somewhat sympathetic villain". He lost everything from his love life to his bread and butter(looks), but it may have been his fault. The explosion is left up to the reader as to what exactly happened, but in the government's defense he should not have been playing with fire, let alone playing with fire in a lab with chemicals and gas. Still, he's suffered, and suffering is one of the ingredients to creating a super villain.

For Doctor Agni's design, I was inspired by modern fire-proof suits similar to those firemen and stuntmen use. I gave him splotches of scars all over his body, and his hair shown he's lost most of it and can't grow it back. I decided to give him road/emergency flares as a means of creating a source for his flames.

Limitless is © of NRG Comics™
Limitless: George Wright aka Skynaut
1st upload for the new web comic project, "Limitless"! And naturally, its the main character!

Meet George Wright, Teenage Nerd King and high-flying hero, Skynaut!!

Quick Bio: George Wright is your typical high school nerd in love with science fiction, video games and comics; especially superhero comics. Born in the Midwest Metropolis of Brooktown, George is the son of a arial ace pilot, whom he considered his hero more than anyone. His father died while away at a Astronaut Training Program to begin a life long dream, and he was left in the care of his older sister Kylie Wright. For most of his life, George lived life like a normal teenager: dealing with school, running from bullies, hanging out with friends, etc. One thing he desired more than ever was to be like the superheroes he read about in his many comics.

One day, while trying to ward of bullies, a series of events leads George to discover that he can fly! He has a superpower! After telling his friends and running some test, George discovers that, unfortunately, that's all he has. No Super Strength, no Laser Vision, no Healing Factor, not even Metal Claws in his hands. Just Flight. Nevertheless, with his friends encouragement George decides to become a superhero. But on his first outing, George gets a big wakeup call as to how dangerous being a superhero is, and how vulnerable he is. And thus he gives up before he starts. But when a situation occurs in which only he can save the day, George is reminded of that old superhero rule: "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility". And thus, George becomes the first superhero of Earth!

Now George has taken on the life of a superhero and all the problems that come with it: gaining a rogues gallery, balancing a double life, strains on relationships with family and friends; and that it’s all a lot to deal with only one superpower. But George is determined to prove that just because he is limited with one superpower doesn't mean that the possibilities aren't limitless! George Wright is Skynaut, and this is LIMITLESS!!

•Flight: Able to hover and fly at remarkable speeds.
(and somewhat reluctantly) learning aerobatic kung fu style that combines acrobatics and figure skating gliding.
•Knowledgeable about many superhero tropes, problems, powers/abilities, and themes that he may face as a hero.

Fun Facts:

•George's hero name, "Skynaut", is a tribute to his deceased father who was an ace pilot who dreamed of becoming an 
astronaut. The name combines "sky" with "astronaut".

•Flight is actually George's second favorite superpower behind intangibility, a power he believes makes anyone untouchable and invincible. Nevertheless, he is truly happy is gifted with the most desired and popular superpower anyone could want.

•George's favorite things are actually in part because of pop culture characters he loves. For example, his favorite food is Pizza (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), His favorite Animals are Bats and Spiders(Batman and Spiderman), and his weapon of choice would be a Lightsaber(Star Wars).

•George's mother is a mystery to him. He barely remembers her, probably because she disappeared shortly after his father died. He's not too troubled by this though, because he was very young when this happened.

•George is a big fan of both DC and Marvel, but tends to lean more towards DC due to a personal opinion that DC Superheroes have a bit more creative originality to them.

So, this is the first new character of the brand new web series coming to you from NRG Comics! Before I explain the character, I would like to go into more detail about the series:
Limitless is a series with the purpose of creating a superhero universe from scratch and exploring superhero comic tropes, but show the things that are often looked over in common superhero comics. Things such as limits/weakness and applications that come with superpowers, realistic problems in lives of superheroes, problems with making enemies, and much more. It also shows all the things people can do if they had only 1 power, and none of the assumed-perks that come with them.

So let me introduce George Wright. He's a character that all comic book and pop culture fans can relate to because he is one of them! George is actually getting to live the dream that many us wish we could. Not just with being a superhero, but with the power of Flight! We all wish we could fly in the sky without the use of machines, jetpacks, vehicles, or other things. Flight is actually the most popular and desired superpower there is, hence why he's getting it.

About George's Character: He's you're classic superhero and pop culture geek/nerd. Tends to want to spend more time reading comics and playing video games than studying for school tests or playing outside. He's not exactly an outcast, but not exactly popular either. Blends in pretty well with the crowd. George loves superheroes so much that he tries to live up to the moral codes they live by, but he is still a teenager so he'll screw up from time to time trying to enjoy this new life.

For his design, I kept it simple on the normal clothes but went all out for the superhero costume. The most notible features of the costume are the colors and the aviator hat and goggles. I felt like those would be a major to have! Went with a blue and grey color scheme for sky colors.

Limitless is © of NRG Comics™!
NRG Comics is proud to announce a new Web Comic Series in the works: "LIMITLESS".
Read here for more info:…



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