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Upbringing: Lana Valentine
EXCITING NEWS! Things are starting to move forward with NGR Comics, so we're kicking it into high gear to introduce more characters fro the upcoming web comic!

This next one is neither superhero or supervillain, but serves an important role in the story!

Meet Lana Valentine, Ronnie's life long childhood friend and secret crush!

Quick Bio:

Lana Valentine is Ronnie Miller's life long, childhood friend. The two met in Titan City kindergarten and were instantly close with one another. From an early age, Lana has always been the stronger one in the friendship, as she would often stand up for Ronnie whenever someone was putting him down. They always hung out together, and eventually Ronnie developed a crush on her that she's not fully aware of.

Unfortunately, things for their friendship took a bit of a worse turn following middle school. Lana matured at an appropriate time and her social life grew in school. She had become president of Debate Club, Captain of the Girls' Soccer Team, Editor of the Year Book and number one on the Honor's Society. All these extracurricular activities were increasing her popularity and social life, meanwhile Ronnie was slowly becoming the school outcast due to his weak demeanor and constant targeting for bullies. As a result both kids found it harder and harder to spend time with each other. Lana doesn't want their friendship to end, however, and is constantly trying to find time for Ronnie. She still helps Ronnie deal with the High School bully, Frank Parker, by always notifying teachers or the principle of Frank's abuse; even standing up to Frank herself sometimes. Lana is also aware of Ronnie's relationship with his father, and she believes Ronnie has the potential to stand up for himself and be a good person in the eyes of both his parents.

When Ronnie began his apprenticeship with Lord Wrath and the Dark Ones, Ronnie never told Lana about it for fear of her safety. But Lana isn't completely fooled. She's noticing things: Ronnie is covered in more bruises and sores(due to his combat training), he's tired and bitter towards the world, and above all else she notices Ronnie trying to push her away.

Lana now hopes to find out what's going on in Ronnie's life in anyway she can. As of now, she is not a complete threat to the Dark Ones. HOWEVER, Lana does have strong dark feelings towards super villains and those who break the law. This is the reason she wants to go to law school, become District Attorney for Titan City, and put Lord Wrath and his Dark Ones behind prison bars for life. Due to this, she is on the Dark One's "Watch List", a list of citizens secretly observed by the Dark Ones to determine threat levels to the future of the Dark Ones.


-Strong and Independent

-Natural athletic abilities due to years of playing soccer.

-Book Smart and Street Smart, is on Honor Roll at School and is able to offer words of comfort and wisdom at right times.

-Remains one of the few people who understand the difficulties in Ronnie's Life.

Fun Facts:

•Lana's most valued possession is her heart-pendant(shown in the picture). It was made for her by Ronnie during arts and crafts in kindergarten as a sign of friendship. She always wears it to show Ronnie they are still friends.

•Lana has a fascination with mermaids. Her room is full of dolls, pictures, posters and other memorabilia that tributes to mermaids.

•Lana's desire to be a criminal lawyer started when she was 8. Her favorite uncle was killed in a crossfire between a turf war of mobsters and Dark Ones soldiers, and neither party was able to be put away. Since then, Lana has sworn on her uncle's life to deliver justice to supervillains and criminals like the Dark Ones.

•Lana has a secret crush on the Omega Knights' own Laser Lad. This crush developed when the hero was just a sidekick before he took over the mantle for his deceased mentor.

•Lana's favorite pop stars are Patty Karrie, Lady DoDa, and Tania Rush.

This is the first character I'm introducing that is not related to the Omega Knights or the Dark Ones, but is one of the main supporting cast of the story. Lana plays an important role as one of the only few - maybe only - friends that Ronnie. Has Many events involving her will put Ronnie is situations to test his morality and decisions. She's also Ronnie's love interest.

For her Look, I went with a typical High School Popular Girl motive. Her style is more about comfort than fashion, but she does try to look good. Didn't want to go too long on the hair, but I wanted it long enough to make her look popular!

Upbringing is © of NRG Comics
Upbringing: Lady of a Thousand Deaths
Been A while since we here at NRG Comics uploaded anything for Upbringing, but a trip to Emerald City Comic Con has given us our grove back.

Meet the Murder Mistress and Upbringing Universe's number one combatant, the Lady of a Thousand Deaths!

Quick Bio

Here name is long forgotten. And those who discover her real name do not living long enough to utter it with their last breath. She is simple known as "Lady of a Thousand Deaths." Trained from birth by the psychotic Cult of Assassins, the Lady of a Thousand Deaths lives up to her name for two reasons: She is rumored to be record with the most weapon-free murders in world history, and she knowns thousands of ways to kill a man; with or without weapons. She has trained some of the greatest murders in the world, and before she met Lord Wrath, she only looked out for herself. Lady of a Thousand Deaths is said to have only nearly-lost to one person... and that person is Lord Wrath. Because of this, Lady of a Thousand Deaths thought it an honor to be enlisted into the Dark Ones, where she has made a name for herself as Lord Wrath's #1 soldier and trainer to his homegrown henchman.

Having fought alongside Lord Wrath and the Dark Ones for years, it wasn't until another ordinary defeat by the Omega Knight's hands did fate change the directions of the Dark Ones. Meeting in an abandoned warehouse in Titan City to regroup, The Dark Ones were stumbled upon by high-schooler, Ronnie Miller. Lord Wrath ordered his execution, but was stunned by the fight the teenager gave his henchman. Lady of a Thousand Deaths was ordered to end the fight, and while Ronnie took a few swings, he was ultimately brought down by her hand in three strikes. Lady of a Thousand Deaths was curious that the boy was taken to the Dark One's dark dimensional later, and was surprised at Lord Wrath's offer to tutor the boy in villainy.

Now, Lady of a Thousand Deaths has been assigned to be Ronnie's combat instructor, teaching him the ways of martial arts and how to break the will of a man through combat. While Lady of a Thousand Deaths is curios to her master's reasons to enlist Ronnie, she nonetheless believe Lord Wrath has his reasons and follows her orders. Besides, she too sees potential in Ronnie's anger, and sees him as another student she can break before she molds him. She enjoys taunting Ronnie in training, reminding him of his shortcomings and woes, as well as calling him, "Little Ronnie".


-Enhanced Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina, Reflexes, and Senses due to years of training.

-Master of Armed and Unarmed Combat

-Deadly warrior and assassin

-High-ranking general in the Dark Ones' order

-Trainer to homegrown soldiers and Ronnie, enjoys taunting and mentally tormenting opponents and students.

Fun Facts:

•Lady of a Thousand Deaths is actually a very deep Soap Opera fanatic. It's not that she thinks the shows are good, she just takes glee in known each character of Soap Operas will take new torment each episode. Says a lot about her, huh?

•Lady of a Thousand Deaths - in addition to tormenting Ronnie - bludgently tells him to push himself to be better in the eyes of his father. This may be because in her eyes, Ronnie's relationship with his parents is like that of a relationship between a Master and a Protege.

•While Lady of a Thousand Deaths does enjoy being a soldier and assassin, she only takes joy in the deaths of those who could match her combat prowess.

•Rumors through the Superhero/Supervillain Community says that Lady of a Thousand Deaths has a daughter that she gave up before she joined the Dark Ones. While it is not confirmed, it is wise to never bring this matter up with her for discussion(as she will kill you for doing so).

•Lady of a Thousand Deaths is mainly a vegan. She only eats certain meats for the protein.

So this is one of the first Dark Ones henchman I am introducing. She is actually a major character for the series, being on of the Dark Ones who is seen a lot. Most of her time will be with Ronnie, training him and beating the shit out of him to make him a better warrior. A side mission for her is to make Ronnie's heart cold in facing opponents.

For her design, I went with something like a classic Kung Fu warrior. I chose green cause it fits her well.

Upbringing is © of NRG Comics
Upbringing: Lord Wrath

Second main character and the antagonist of Upbringing!

Meet Lord Wrath! Public Enemy Number 1, Foe of the Omega Knights, and Ronnie Miller's mentor.

Quick Bio: Lord Wrath is Earth's Greatest Super Villain. He has made his home in the underbelly of Titan City. Lord Wrath is rumored to have committed just about every crime in the book. He leads his own army of supervillains, known as the Dark Ones, against his sworn enemy, D.C. Dynamo and the Omega Knights. He spreads fear and darkness where he goes, and commands respect from those who follow him. Lord Wrath also has nearly unlimited resources that he has acquired over the years, with many weapons, powers, followers, and home-grown soldiers to defend his empire.

One day after a battle with the Omega Knights, Lord Wrath assembles his followers in an abandoned warehouse. To his and everyone's surprise, the warehouse was the secret hangout of one teenager: Ronnie Miller. To keep him alerting the police and Omega Knights, Lord Wrath orders his henchmen to exterminate Ronnie, but once the henchmen have him cornered, Ronnie unleashed his bottled up fury and takes on the goons. Impressed with the boy's fury and anger, Lord Wrath orders Ronnie to be captured and taken to his secret fortress hidden in a dark dimension. There, Lord Wrath offers a chance to become great... by becoming his apprentice and heir.

Now, Lord Wrath and his generals have begun to tutor Ronnie in the ways of evil, everything from crime and theft to murder and political machinations. While many question Lord Wrath's decision to make Ronnie his apprentice, he has his reasons and will not be questioned. Lord Wrath has also taken measurements to ensure Ronnie doesn't go to the police or Omega Knights... by threatening his family and all he holds dear.


-Master in combat, strategy, organized crime, manipulation, and authority.

-Superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, and stamina.

-Levitation and Flight

-Plasma blast and telekinesis

-Knowledgeable in super science, limited  magical knowledge.

-Near unlimited resources and many followers, including home-grown soldiers trained in combat.

-Commands authority and respect.

-Deep hatred for super heroes that he spreads to his followers.

-Sees Ronnie's potential and encourages him to unleash his fury.

Fun Facts:

•Not much is known about Lord Wrath's history or background. This is due to the fact that he has erased himself from the records of the world, and those who do know about his life are ordered to keep it to themselves.

•Lord Wrath doesn't just let anyone into the Dark Ones; they must first pass a series of tests including pulling of a crime, breaking out of jail, and surviving an encounter with the Omega Knights.

•Lord Wrath is a music enthusiast. In his private quarters he often has operas from different countries playing.

•Lord Wrath has inspired many fictional comic book villains in Ronnie's world, including Doctor Doominius, Ole Olivor, The Grey Gremlin, and Gravito.

•While Lord Wrath is deemed the most evil being on the face of the Earth, he himself feels that's untrue. Case in point: he refuses to let those who get sexual thrills from murder into the dark ones.

I hope you are all satisfied with Lord Wrath. He thinks what he does is right and may have reason to think that, but he's still willing to cross the line to do what he thinks is right. Much of who Lord Wrath is and his history will come later in the series. Lord Wrath will be Ronnie's main antagonist because he is threatening Ronnie to follow him, but his interest in Ronnie will sort of make him a father figure.

For his design I wanted something that evoked terror and commanded respect. Believe it or not this was his first design and I made a new one when I thought I could do better, but someone told me his old design worked best. Also, Purple is a color of royalty, and Lord Wrath technically is a King of Villains, so it works. Personally, his helmet is my favorite part of the design.

Upbringing is © NRG Comics!
Upbringing: Ronnie Miller

First upload of the NRG Comics page and it's the main character for one of our current projects.

Meet Ronnie Miller, start of Upbringing and Supervillain in training(often reluctant).

Quick Bio:

Ronald "Ronnie" Miller was born in Titan City, home to the Omega Knights and the Dark Ones, the Earth's greatest superheroes and supervillains respectfully. Ronnie is the quintessential kid in High School who is considered an outcast. He gets good grades and takes life one day at a time, but he is constantly attacked with beatings and ridicule by bullies, especially from Frank Parker, his school's resident jock and overall jerk. Because he never fights back Ronnie is slowly losing respect from his father, Walter Miller, who thinks Ronnie's lack of confidence and backbone means he can't make it in the real world.Ronnie’s refusal to fight back is based in his respect for his mother , Angie Miller, who doesn't want Ronnie to get in trouble for fighting his fellow students but rarely raises her voice over her husband's views of Ronnie. Along with family troubles and being the Constant target for bullies, Ronnie is slowly losing his life-long friend and crush, Lana Valentine, who's growing popularity among her classmates is taking time away from Ronnie. All this has given Ronnie some deep anger issues.

One fateful day after another humiliating experience at school, Ronnie goes to his secret hideout for some solitude and accidently stumbles upon a meeting held by the Dark Ones and their leader, Lord Wrath. Ronnie tries to run, but is cornered. Snapping, Ronnie unleashes his anger on the Dark Ones’ henchmen and does surprisingly well, but is defeated and taken to the Dark Ones' lair. Lord Wrath then tells Ronnie he sees potential in him, and offers Ronnie an apprenticeship.

Ronnie is now trapped between a rock and a hard place as he's forced to be an apprentice for the Dark Ones out of the fear for his family, but soon realizes his time with them is making him a better man in the eyes of his father. So, the question remains: will Ronnie get out alive, or will he become the world’s next greatsupervillain?


-No Powers or Abilities as of yet, but is receiving training in combat, marksmanship, weaponry, mad science, assassination, organized crime, political machinations, dark magic, strategy, espionage, blackmail, and many villainess endeavors.
-Deep Anger Issues which are being harnessed through training along with need to be a better man in his father's eyes.
-Deep Love for Mother, Sister, and Friend/Crush

Fun Facts:

•Ronnie has a deep love for music and has his own keyboard piano. His dream is to become a composer for big film industries and make grand music for all to enjoy. His heroes is John Williams and Danny Elfman.
•Ronnie is ambidexterous, which means he can use both his hands to do what most people could only do with one hand normally, such as write, swing a bat, catch a ball, or play the guitar.
•Ronnie has a dislike for gum. He hates it. Hates seeing people chew it, and especially hates seeing it on the streets or under desks and tables. He thinks something you chew in your mouth should not be spit back out when you are done with it.
•Ronnie's favorite video game is Kingdom Brain, an adventure game about a girl who goes from world to world defeating dark beings known as the Mindless.
•Ronnie has a dislike for the taste of fish, but he will eat it if his mom cooks it. He won't eat it in restaurants, but his mother's recipe is the only one he can stand.

This is the main character of Upbringing. Ronnie's growth in the comics will be long and fun, as he will see and do things no boy his age should see.

For his design, I went with a simple teenager look. His hair is a bit messy, and I know he looks muscular but believe me when he's introduced into the comics he will be scrawny. Since Ronnie is an artistic person, I gave him a satchel bookbag. Also, the thing on his wrist is a communicator Lord Wrath gave to him for contact purposes, but it also serves as a tracker so Ronnie doesn't go to the police.

Upbringing is © NRG Comics



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